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Major Item - TOEIC Checker! 'TOEIC Checker' is a Smart OMR Application. 'TOEIC Checker' suggests an easier way of marking and a better tool for score management. Users can father enjoy the service by purchasing marking points.

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    We deliver intelligent full builds for adventurous brands.

The staff members and executives of Victony are trying their best to provide the best services to its customers.

Yang Sun-a


design, ios developer

Lee Gyeong-won


Planner, video director

Han Sang-hoon


Android developer

Jung Yeong Ju


Web Developer

Photoshop & Illustrator
Android & ios

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We have high-quality human resources who can use html & css, asp, Photoshop & illustrator, android, and ios.

We enjoy learning a variety of languages.We will grow further in the future to provide better and more diversified services.

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Our office is located in Rep of KOREA.

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