Victony has been recognized to have the potential for development.

We won the excellent prize in the app fusion sector of 2013 App Venture Battle Contest. That was the outcome we had achieved thanks to our main item TOEIC Checker.

If you use TOEIC Checker, you can mark the answer sheet on the app instead of the OMR paper and get the automatic grading service.It analyzes graded scores and suggests the direction of study. It also provides graphs so that you can check the position of your grade.

Our service will be an indispensable service for smart schools in the future.We will do our best to become a leading enterprise in the online grading market in the near future.

Up to now, we have developed applications such as Rolling TOEIC Voca and Call Block with HUE as well as TOEIC Checker and are preparing to make software online education web sites. We hope you pay more attention to software online eduction web sites to be developed by us in the near future.