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Major Item - TOEIC Checker! 'TOEIC Checker' is a Smart OMR Application. 'TOEIC Checker' suggests an easier way of marking and a better tool for score management. Users can father enjoy the service by purchasing marking points.

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    Victony develops and provides educational applications and web sites.

Victony's story

Victony started its business with the intention of making applications which are helpful to college students.

Using the technology which automatically grades questions (quizzes), we effectively link students, teachers, and publishers.

Victony will develop the educational utility service which helps teachers provide effective lectures and helps students study on their own.

Victony is a startup which will create a better educational environment using the automatic question (quiz) grading service.

The objective is to create a service in which the students and teachers will improve the lecture efficiency through the automatic grading service.


Managed in South Korea

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